Here's my story, in a nutshell (well, sort of):


learning from the best
At the startup Nation

Back at the time when instant messaging was just emerging, I joined the ICQ team in Israel to manage the activity of ICQ’s 3 leading territories.

3 years later and with an urge to do things the non-corporate way, I started my life journey into entrepreneurship and Australia


Taking my first
entrepreneurial baby steps

3 years later and with an urge to do things the non-corporate way, I started my life journey into entrepreneurship and Australia

Working alongside a few founders and the world’s best affiliates, these 2 years were dedicated to experiencing the entrepreneurial world inside out and for an out-of-the-box approach. I was simultaneously involved in few startups and helped bring new and innovative ideas to life (and promote them).

1 trip around the world later I found
myself in Australia ready to plunge into
the deep waters of entrepreneurship


Disrupting the beauty
samples industry

I Love This Box was a luxury beauty box subscription for Australian women (think BirchBox but in Australia). It was one of the first subscription box services to ever hit Australia and it was also my first experience as a sole startup founder. Rated #1 by consumers within its category, it was live proof of my ability to introduce an innovative concept to the market.

A moment of clarity and way too much coffee brought me to realize I should combine my 2 biggest passions : startups and marketing


Helping startups grow

With over a decade of international experience in marketing, business development and entrepreneurship, I understand what it takes to grow a startup.

I've developed my unique Consumer-Drive-Methodology to help me build a tailor-made marketing strategy for startups while considering their specific goals, needs and limited resources. Over the past few years my team and I had the pleasure to work with companies like ingogo, Open Learning, Haystack, Everything IoT, Law of the Jungle, Curve, Troovo, Sneaking Duck and many more.

I am also a NED (non-executive director) at Jayride, a global speaker, a mentor and a thought-leader within the local and global innovation eco-system.

so, Bottom Line,
How Can myStory Helpyou

it helps you get the marketing assistance you really need

From someone who’s been in your shoes

Using your existing resources

Only when you want it

And I'M notAlone

Every entrepreneur knows that a great idea doesn’t worth much without a great team to bring it to life, and marketing is no different.

My team consists of passionate, inquisitive, hardworking and fun-loving people who left their senior-level jobs at some of the world’s leading companies, just to be part of the exciting and dynamic space of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Each of us brings different expertise to the table and when together – we deliver a unique marketing point of view and strategy that helps you bring your idea to its relevant market.